Exhibit A is proud to introduce Showcase. We tell the story with your evidence. Photos, 911 Calls, Surveillance Video, Animations, Depositions Clips, Witness Interviews, Day-in-the Life Scenes, Annotated Documents, Timelines & Calendars. All work together to create a compelling story for the decision makers in your case.

The process is simple and can be completed remotely:

Free Consultation to Review File

Storyboard of Proposed Content

Video & Narration Recording

 Online Review Sessions

Video File for Decision Makers


Quick look at overwhelming evidence from witnesses and defendant driver’s dep testimony of driver negligence.  


A brief overview of the scene and the aftermath in a construction accident.

A snapshot of the damages and treatment calendar in a medical malpractice case. 


Showcase Consultation
30 min
Free Over-the-Phone!

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