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Our 14 years of courtroom experience have given us a keen eye for creating succinct presentations. Exhibit A thinks about your case and develops a solution that solves your specific issue. Click below to view and listen to a few short narrated videos highlighting how we addressed particular challenges.


In a wrongful death case, the plaintiff's attorney wanted to demonstrate the hospital's negligence in hiring a surgeon with a questionable work history. Exhibit A created a visual that demonstrated that the surgeon, plagued by lawsuits, moved frequently about the country.


The plaintiff in a personal injury case endured a multitude of treatments over a three year period. By populating an interactive calendar with each doctor visit, diagnostic test, physical therapy session, etc., Exhibit A created visual that very quickly demonstrates the profound impact on the plaintiff's life.


A young woman was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident and her legal team faced the challenge of conveying how she lived her life. Through the use of personal photos and video, Exhibit A brings the plaintiff to life in a powerful presentation narrated in part by her parents.


In a complex construction defect case, the defense team needed to clearly explain the ramifications of the plaintiff's proposed remediation. Exhibit A created a 3D model showing the invasive nature of the repair work while a running tally conveyed the high cost.

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